Class Information
On-going Classes may be started anytime.
You have 8 weeks to complete the 6 class sessions.
Classes with dates must be started within a week of the start date
Classes are $115 for each 6 week session.
Drop-ins, with permission of instructor, $25/class
For more information, please email

• Tova Training (formerly Bo-Gee), GPS 15 Freetown Rd., Raymond, NH
• Beaver Brook Road, Auburn, NH (fully fenced, outdoor ring)


Schedule:                         Contact: Jean             Contact: Laura

Mondays: 11AM Agility Intro

Tuesdays: 6PM Continuing Agility – Laura
7PM Continuing Agility – Jean

Wednesdays: 9AM Continuing Agility – Jean

Thursdays: 9AM Continuing Agility – Jean
Sundays 9-11AM Agility Run Thrus, Contact Laura for dates